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June 05.2022
2 Minutes Read

The first step to sustainability is understanding the difference between climate change and global warming  

Over the last few years, sustainability has become a buzzword. From fashion brands to investment banking, the term sustainability features more and more often to serve the so-called ‘woke’ consumers of the 21st century. This World Environment Day, we bring to you the difference between climate change and global warming in order to understand sustainability.

In the real-world sense, it is crucial to be able to comprehend the subtle differences between the often interchangeably used terms global warming and climate change. 

A simple Google search will tell you global warming simply means the rise in the temperature of the earth’s surface, and climate change, is the side-effects of this warming up of the earth’s surface.

It is also important that in this context, we understand the difference between climate and weather. Weather is the atmospheric condition that occurs over a short period of time. For instance, when you say it is a sunny day, what’s being referred to here is the weather. However, climate means a long term occurrence in a particular region or all around the globe, like for example the patterns of snowfall or rain over a years or even decades.

Therefore, when we talk about climate change, it includes the side-effects of global warming contributed through both manmade and natural causes, as well as a range of other factors which together lead to a shift in the patterns resulting in climate change. 

When talking about sustainability and environment, it essentially means activities that do not contribute to global warming. 

Stay tuned to this space for climate- and sustainability-related issues. 



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